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What is Naval Brass?

Naval Brass refers to a copper alloy of around 59% Copper 40% Zinc and 1% Tin with a trace amount of Lead.  This alloy falls into the subfamily for Brasses known as Alpha Beta or Duplex Brasses.  These Alpha Beta Brasses are generally harder and stronger than other non-Alpha Beta Brasses. As its name implies,

Aluminum Bronze – Variations, Designations, and Applications

Aluminum Bronze is a broad term for a group of bronze alloys known for their superior combination of mechanical and chemical properties.  Aluminum Bronzes are generally used when standard bearing grade bronze will not withstand specific conditions.  Over the years many aluminum bronze alloys have been given different names, varying from official organization specifications to

Cost Advantages of Bronze Sleeve Bearings

This article was taken from the Copper Development Association: Bronze Sleeve Bearings: Are you designing for lowest cost? Bronze bearings are the most widely used sleeve bearing type, industry-wide. Even so, there seems to be a few misconceptions about these versatile products concerning their applicability, performance and most of all – their cost effectiveness.