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Application Spotlight: Bronze Pump Bearings

Bronze Bearings have been used for years in many critical pumping applications.  These applications include: Cooling Water Pumps River Abstraction Pumps Service Water Pumps Irrigation Pumps Potable Water Pumps Bronze Bearings are ideal for wet applications due to their versatility. This versatility comes with the ability to adjust the Bronze Alloy to fit the specific

New Lead Requirements Said to be a “Game Changer” for Bronze and Brass Products

In 2011 the “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act” was signed into law.  This new regulation redefines the percent of lead allowed in products that are used to convey or dispense drinking water.  While the term “lead free” still doesn’t truly mean “lead free”, the new requirements are far stricter than the current definition. 

5 Advantages of Continuous Cast Bronze

When speaking of cast bronze products, there are numerous methods of casting currently in use.  These are sand casting, centrifugal casting, and continuous casting.  This post will look at continuous casting and outline the benefits of this process. The superior qualities of continuous casting are achieved by feeding molten metal through a furnace to an

High Lead Tin Bronzes Load Speeds

  The bronze alloys are categorized by their most desirable properties they offer for specific applications.  This series of blog posts will highlight each category and specify their advantages. High-lead tin bronzes: High speeds, low loads The lead content is above 12% and higher and are best suited to meet high surface speeds but with