3 Secrets about Continuous Cast Bronze Bar Stock that Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know…

Bronze Bar Stock

In a time where competition is on a global scale, being able to reduce costs and improve competitiveness has never been as important.  Continuous Cast Bronze Bar Stock has a few unique advantages that can help you lower your costs and lead times.  These 3 secrets are not widely known, and for this reason companies that are currently taking advantage of them would rather keep it that way.  This post will explain what these secrets are and how you can use them to cut your costs and win more business.

Think Shape

When dealing with bronze alloy based components a majority of the product costs is made up by the raw material.  Minimizing the amount of material needed is a great way to lower overall product cost.  An advantage of continuous cast bronze bar is that it can be cast in almost any imaginable shape, not just the standard round, cored, and flat bar.  If you finished product is a gear shaped component, then it makes more sense to start from a bar stock of a closer net shape than the standard round shape.  This not only lowers scrap loss but also greatly reduces expensive milling and shaping operations.  The minimizing of scrap and machine time will give you the upper hand. We can supply a variety of special shapes from your specific drawings.  Follow the contact us link below to get in contact with a sales engineer to discuss your individual project.

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Start with a better material

As the old saying goes “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.  If you start with an inferior casting or bar stock you will experience lower machinability as well as imperfections only found after costly machine time is already wasted.  Continuous Cast bar stock utilizes bottom pouring and rapid cooling zones which produces a metal where inclusions are eliminated and grain structure is tight and even.  Fine grain bronze bars provide excellent machinability lowering cycle time and scrap loss due to an inferior bar stock.  Learn more about Continuous Casting Here

Continuous Cast Bronze

Take advantage of our Inventory

Economies of scale are defined as the cost advantage that arises with increased output of a product. Economies of scale arise because of the inverse relationship between the quantity produced and per-unit fixed costs; i.e. the greater the quantity of a good produced, the lower the per-unit fixed cost because these costs are shared over a larger number of goods.  The continuous casting process uses economies of scale to provide you with the lowest cost material of any casting method.  Normally these types of cost advantages only benefit higher volume production quantities.  If your application is lower in volume, we encourage you to use our inventory to get the high volume cost savings with lower volume usage.  We inventory a large quantity of continuous cast bar stock in standard sizes and alloys.  Being a leading manufacturer and distributor of bronze products we have the customer base and usage to allow us to hold these large inventories, while at the same time selling you smaller volumes.  No need to purchase a “mill run” or “minimum” and at the same time giving you access to the continuous cast materials.  You benefit from lower cost, higher quality material without have to purchase the high volume quantities normally required.

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