3 Strategies to Cut Costs When Ordering Bronze Bar Stock


 Bronze Bar Stock

Anyone who has machined parts out of bronze bar stock knows that a majority of the finished components costs is in the price of the raw material.  This cost is generally due to the high percentage of copper in the composition of bronze alloys.  The most commonly used bronze alloy, C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze, is composed of roughly 83 % Copper.  Global demand for copper drives this metals price due to the many uses. This post will help you cut costs when ordering bronze bar stock by using a few cost saving strategies that you may not be currently aware of.

Strategy #1: Order Only What You Need

Bronze Bar Stock

Here at National Bronze Mfg. we offer most of our bronze alloys in custom cut lengths. You might not be aware of this option due to the fact that many metal distributors have minimum orders of either full bars or standard cut lengths, such as 13” increments.  We will cut you bronze bar stock to whatever size you need, eliminating the waste of ordering extra material just to meet the service centers minimum.


Strategy #2: Order Custom Sized/Shaped Bar to Reduce Scrap Loss and Machine Time

bronze bar stock shapes

When the quantity of bronze bar stock increases so does the feasibility of custom cast bar.  This generally occurs around the 3000 lb + range. So if you requirement is 3000 lbs or more of bar stock, ask one of our sale technicians for a custom cast bar.  Our mill can cast a bar stock which is closer to you finished size.  We also offer custom shaped profiles for the bar stock which may be closer to you net shape than standard round, cored, or flat stock.  These custom cast bars minimize scrap loss and save you valuable machine time.

Strategy # 3: Sell Back Your Scrap

Bronze Bar Stock

Our partnership with the world’s leading bronze bar mills allows us to send bronze turnings and solids directly back to the mill where they were cast.  These mills take the scrap material and re use it to make new bar stock.  This tight supply chain eliminates the need for scarp yards or smelters and yields a higher scrap value for the end users.  We offer generous prices for bronze alloy turnings and solids.  Ask one of our Sales Technicians for more details on our scrap buyback programs.

Bronze Bar Stock


Using these 3 strategies can help you cut your raw material cost for your bronze based products.  Cutting these cost will increase both your competitiveness and profitability.  Follow the links below to learn additional information on our bronze bar stock.

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