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C17200 Beryllium Copper Tempers – What’s the Difference?

C172 Beryllium Copper is used in a variety of industries.  From aircraft bushings to oil field drill tooling applications, this alloy is utilized for its strength, corrosion resistance, and hardness.  Depending on how the beryllium copper is tempered can change its physical properties.  Specific tempers of C172 Beryllium Copper are needed for specific applications.  For

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Specifications, Designations, and Tempers

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloys are used in a wide array of components in many different industries.  Normally specified for their high strength, good wear and abrasion resistance, and excellent resistance to corrosion in sea water and many other aggressive environments.  Throughout the years many companies and industries have developed their own unique specifications for the

Product Spotlight: Bronze Wear Pad for Industrial Machinery

Material: C95400 Aluminum Bronze Processes: Machining, Milling Used as an integral component for industrial machinery.  This concave shaped wear plate is machined from continuously cast C95400 Aluminum Bronze.  The plate starts as rectangular bar stock that is cut to length.  The machining of the concave shape, grease groove, drill & mounting holes is completed on

MFG Day is Tomorrow!!!

National Bronze Mfg. Co. will be joining hundreds of other Manufacturers across the country to celebrate MFG Day by opening our doors to curious visitors. Local students will attend a plant tour tomorrow October 4, 2019 and learn how we transform bronze bar stock into bushings, bearings, wear plates, and other components used throughout the