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How to measure bushings with a flange

Quite often we receive questions on how to properly measure the dimensions of bronze bushings with a flange.  The following explanation will assist you in measuring these types of bushing.  It will also help when requesting quotations for this type of product. Flange bushings are sleeve type bearings with a “flange” or “shoulder” on one

Proud to Manufacture in Michigan featured Company

    National Bronze Mfg. Co. has been spotlighted as the featured Michigan Manufacturer this week on the Proud to Manufacture in Michigan website. Proud to Manufacture in Michigan is an online directory of Michigan made products and their manufacturers.  This directory was created by the MMTC (Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center) as a way to promote and

What are oil impregnated bronze bushings…

We get many calls regarding our oil impregnated bearing line. There seems to be some confusion with these products. This post should help you better understand oil impregnated bearings. These bearings are manufactured using the powdered metal process. This process ensures the uniform distribution of pores between the bronze particles which absorbs the oil by

How to order Bronze Bar Stock

There are a few basic points to know when ordering bronze bar stock. Understanding these points will make it easier when ordering your bronze requirements. Also knowing these rules will help eliminate costly mistakes and speed up your lead time on various jobs. First and foremost is that there are many different types of bronze.