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Important Features of Aluminum Bronzes

  Taken from the Primer for Sleeve Bearing Design, the following excerpt is valuable information for anyone designing aluminum bronze components. Important Features of Aluminum Bronzes Non-Sparking:  The non-sparking characteristics make the aluminum bronzes suitable for manufacturing of tools, equipment for petroleum and chemical processing, in mine service, handling explosives and in gas equipment. Cold Working

C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

C630000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is a great alloy for applications under severe loading conditions.  C630 combines high strength and exceptional wear resistance.  The addition of Nickel increases the alloy strength with diminishing its ductility. Also known as AMS 4640, C63000 is a wrought alloy.  It maintains strong corrosion resistance and performs well at both high

What is Dairy Bronze?

Dairy Bronze is a general term for the Nickel Silver Bronze Alloy C97600.  This cast bronze alloy contains 63-67% Cu, 3.5-4.5 % Sn, 3-5% Pb, 3-9% Zn, 1.5% Fe, 19-21.5% Ni, 1% Mn, and 0.15% Si.  C976 Dairy Bronze has a relatively high machinability rating of 70. The term “Dairy Bronze” is derived from one

Maganese Bronze Application Spotlight

Application: Take Up Idler Bushings – Heavy Duty Earth Moving Equipment Idler bushings are subject to abrasive wear, deformation, and contamination.  Replacing a worn Idler Bushing can take a shovel out of service and cost thousands of dollars in lost production.  For these reasons, maximizing service life of the component is absolutely crucial. C86300 Manganese

Cast Aluminum Bronze Alloy Specifications

Often we receive requests for various Aluminum Bronze Alloys that reference a specification our customers might be unfamiliar with.  We have created a cross reference table to help you understand the various alloys.  Use the below table to find out which cast aluminum bronze alloy your required specification is designating.  Also included in the table

The Benefits of Becoming a Preferred Distributor

By taking advantage of our Preferred Distributor Program, Industrial Suppliers gain access to these unique benefits that can help them rise above the competition.   Reduced Pricing Once the Preferred Distributor’s annual usage of a given bronze component is calculated, they are provided with a custom pricing structure. As a result, the Distributor is able

6 Benefits of Domestic Outsourcing for OEMs

OEMs can experience several advantages by sourcing their components from contract manufacturers. Domestic outsourcing offers OEMs the benefits provided by global outsourcing, but avoids the inherent disadvantages such as increased freight cost and long lead times. Not only can this process reduce cost in multiple areas, but it can promote an increase in revenue and

What is Silicon Aluminum Bronze?

It is well known that the Aluminum Bronze families of alloys offer distinct advantages in a number of areas.  These attributes include higher mechanical properties, excellent anti corrosive abilities, along with good fatigue and anti-galling strengths.  For the most part these advantages were obtained with the tradeoff of a lower machinability rating. This lower machinability rating