Aluminum Bronze Alloys for Roll Forming Applications

Aluminum Bronze Alloys

Roll forming is a continuous metal forming process taking sheet, strip, or coiled stock and bending or forming it into shapes of essentially identical cross section by feeding the metal between successive pairs of rolls that increasingly shape it until the desired cross section is completed adding both strength and rigidity to lightweight materials. The process adds both rigidity and strength to the roll formed material. During the roll forming process, only bending occurs. The thickness of the metal is not changed except for a slight thinning of the material at the bend radius.

Aluminum Bronze alloys are used in the forming rolls of this type of machinery.  Aluminum Bronze is specifically used in areas of the mill where marking would yield an unacceptable final product.  Cast Aluminum Bronze is a good choice when forming deep sections that have sliding motion, since it possesses good friction qualities.  The Aluminum Bronze alloys most commonly used are C95400 Aluminum Bronze and C95900 Aluminum Bronze.

Aluminum Bronze

Here at National Bronze Mfg. we stock both C95400 & C95900 Aluminum Bronze as well as many other copper alloys.  Follow the links below to learn more about the Aluminum Bronze Alloys offered here at National Bronze Mfg.

Aluminum Bronze Alloys

C95400 Specification Sheet

C95900 Specification Sheet

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