Split Bronze Bearings- Variations and Applications

Split Bronze Bushings

Here at National Bronze Mfg. we manufacture many custom split bronze bushings for numerous customers.  There are important variations of split bronze bushings that affect the finished product.  Knowing how to request the right type of split bronze bearing can help ensure that you receive a finished part the works for you.

Split bronze bearings are used in multiple industrial applications.  They aid in absorption of shock, reduction of vibration and noise.  The split bushing design can eliminate the need for additional lubrication methods as well as reduce the amount of maintenance needed for optimal operation.  Split bushings are also used where a 2 piece housing is present or where quick assembly and easy installation is required.

Split Bronze Bushings

There are three types of split bushings, these are perfect halved bushings, matched halved bushings, and bushings that are split after machining.

Perfect halved split bushings will yield 2 halves of the exact same size.  These halves will also match with any other halves that are manufactured under the same specification.  With perfect half split bushings the halves are interchangeable with any other of the same size halves.

Matched halved bushings will match only with the corresponding opposite half that it was manufactured with.  The matching pairs are generally marked with corresponding letters or numbers so the proper halves can be assembled at installation.

Split Bronze Bushings

Split after machining bronze bushings are bushings that after finished will not complete a full circle.  This is due to the material loss that is occurred when splitting the 2 halves.  These bushings are machined just the same as non-split bushings and then are cut in half.

Split after machining bushings are the most economical of the 3 types. The material requirement for these parts are the same as non-split bushings, the only increase is in an added operation of cutting.

Split Bronze Bushings

The matched and perfect halved bushings start with a larger stock size than what would be used for a split after machining bushing.  This bar stock is cut before machining then welded together.  The larger beginning stock size will make up for the size loss during the cutting stage.  After welding the two bar stock halves the bushings are then machined to the finish dimensions.  The two halves are then separated.  This leaves you with 2 halves that will complete a 360 degree circle.

Split Bronze Bushings

Perfect halved bushings are the least economical and generally are only specified where the split line is critical to the application.  They are manufactured in a similar fashion as the matched halves, but special attention is paid to make sure they each half is split at the exact centerline at the same angle as all of the other pairs.  The result of this process are halves that are interchangeable amongst one another.

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