Aluminum Bronze Wear Plates- The Superior Choice of Material

Aluminum Bronze Wear Plate

When it comes to choosing a Bronze Alloy for wear plate applications, Aluminum Bronze Alloys are hard to beat.  A Wear Plates main purpose is to guide and control linear motions, particularly when heavy loads are present.

An application that utilizes various Wear Plates are in Metal Extrusion Presses.  Aluminum Bronze Wear Plates are used to support the heavy assemblies as they slide back and forth during operation.  These types of presses may slide back and forth up to 300 times per day, supporting a 30,000lb container.

Aluminum Bronze is the Bronze Alloy of choice due to its high tensile strength and low coefficient of friction when mated with moving elements made of hardened steel.  Also Aluminum Bronze has the ability to form if there is a slight misalignment.  Aluminum Bronze Wear Plates will slightly redistribute itself so it’s precisely aligned with the axis of motion.  This means longer bearing life and less down time for the press itself.  Add its ability to operate in harsh environment under high temperatures and Aluminum Bronze Wear Plates outperform the other various alloys.

Auminum Bronze Alloy Specification

At National Bronze Mfg. we manufacture and supply various Bronze Wear Plates in both rough cast condition and fully finished machined components.  Follow the link below to learn more about our Bronze Wear Plate Product Line.

Bronze Wear Plates

Aluminum Bronze Alloys

C95400 Aluminum Bronze

C95900 Aluminum Bronze

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