Product Spotlight: Aluminum Bronze O-ring Glands

C95400 Aluminum Bronze O-Ring Glands


Material: C95400 ASTM B505 Continuous Cast Aluminum Bronze

Processes: Machining (Turning)


This one piece grooved gland is used in the upper dashpot of a tilting disc check valve.  The tilting disc check valve is a primer style of valve suited for a number of different applications.  Commonly used with both centrifugal and turbine pumps, tilting disc check valves provide energy efficient operation while handling the most demanding of environments.  The upper oil dashpot is an optional feature which aids in disc closure even after power failure.


O-Ring Gland Tilting Check Valve Aluminum Bronze


Machined from continuous cast C954 Aluminum Bronze, this alloy provides an ideal combination of wear and corrosion resistance.  These properties make C95400 a perfect fit for the O-Ring Gland.  The OD (Outer Diameter) groove is precisely machined to hold and secure an O-Ring seal.  Superior material and precision machining result in a reliable component engineered for dependable service life under the most severe conditions.


O-Ring Gland Aluminum Bronze Tilting Disc Check Valve

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