Custom Shaped Bronze Bar Stock Saves Both Time & Money

Square, Alloy 93200


Many times our customers find themselves with a need for a machined part that has a shape or size very different from any of the standard bar stock shapes or sizes.  This causes high amounts of machining time and scrap loss, which will ultimately drive up product costs.  Depending on the finished shape and time constraints, have a custom cast shape and/or size may be a very beneficial way to go.

cast bronze shapes bronze bar stock shapes2


While cast bronze bar stock is generally cast in tube, solid round, or flat shapes, this is due to the amount of end uses that are of similar shapes.  With cast bronze bar stock, many shapes and sizes can be cast, not just tube, round or flat stock.

Bronze Guide Block

The next time you’re faced with a project that at first seems to require excessive machining and/or scrap loss due to the difference in bar stock and finished machine size or shape, be sure to ask our Sales Technicians if a custom cast bar stock would make sense for your application.


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