Product Spotlight: Aluminum Bronze O-Ring Gland

Aluminum Bronze O-Ring Gland


Material: C95400 Aluminum Bronze

Processes: Turning

This Aluminum Bronze O-Ring Gland is used in Tilting Disc Check Valves.  A Tilting Disc Check Valve is a type of valve that is opened when flow goes through one direction and closes at backflow.  Thanks to the fast closure,  the Tilting Disc Check Valve provides protection to the pump by preventing water slamming and surges.  The O-Ring Gland is used to mate and seal the check valve, while still allowing movement of the components.  The grooves on the exterior of the Aluminum Bronze Gland are where the O-Rings are secured.  C95400 Aluminum Bronze  is used due to its combinations of bearing properties and corrosion resistance.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze

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