What is Dairy Bronze?

C97600 Dairy Bronze

Dairy Bronze is a general term for the Nickel Silver Bronze Alloy C97600.  This cast bronze alloy contains 63-67% Cu, 3.5-4.5 % Sn, 3-5% Pb, 3-9% Zn, 1.5% Fe, 19-21.5% Ni, 1% Mn, and 0.15% Si.  C976 Dairy Bronze has a relatively high machinability rating of 70.

The term “Dairy Bronze” is derived from one of this alloys main uses.  C97600 is used in the manufacturing of valves, fittings, and gears for the dairy industry.  It is also used for various components in other food processing industries as well.  Copper is an essential trace element that is needed by the human body.  This combined with the natural antimicrobial properties of copper make certain bronze alloys very suitable for food processing components.  Copper tube is used in the refining of beet and cane sugar.  For years copper has been considered the best material in which to brew beer.

C976 Dairy Bronze

C97600 Dairy bronze has other uses as well.  These include marine furniture and ornamental castings.  Here at National Bronze Mfg. we offer C97600 dairy bronze in both solid round bar and tubing.  Follow the link below for any additional questions you may have regarding C97600 Dairy Bronze Alloy.

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