The Benefits of Becoming a Preferred Distributor

By taking advantage of our Preferred Distributor Program, Industrial Suppliers gain access to these unique benefits that can help them rise above the competition.


Bronze Bushing Supplier

Reduced Pricing

Once the Preferred Distributor’s annual usage of a given bronze component is calculated, they are provided with a custom pricing structure. As a result, the Distributor is able to buy cast bronze bushings, oil impregnated bushings, and graphite plugged components at a lower cost than they would without the program.


Increase in Sales

As the Distributor takes advantage of their reduced component costs, they are able to become more competitive in their market. Naturally, this should yield an increase in sales for their company.


Shorter Lead Times

By manufacturing and maintaining an inventory of standard sized components in advance, we are able to send them out as soon as the Distributor needs them. With Vendor Managed Inventory, Preferred Distributors no longer need to wait for their parts to be manufactured for every order, greatly reducing turnaround time.

Bronze Bushing Supplier


Custom Packaging for Drop Ships

If a Distributor wants the parts shipped directly to their customer, National Bronze Manufacturing will offer to drop ship the order in custom packaging to conceal the source of the components. This option will protect the Distributor’s customer base, while further reducing lead times.


No Obligation

While we stock an inventory of bronze components in accordance with the Preferred Distributor’s annual usage, there is no obligation to purchase them. The remaining parts can be released to another distributor in the event that the Preferred Distributor does not require them.


No Minimum Order Requirements

Preferred Distributors don’t need to worry about ordering extra parts just to fulfill minimum order requirements. We’ll ship as few or as many bronze components that are needed at a given time.


Contact National Bronze Manufacturing today to start taking advantage of the benefits that our Preferred Distributor Program has to offer.

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