How to order Bronze Bar Stock

There are a few basic points to know when ordering bronze bar stock. Understanding these points will make it easier when ordering your bronze requirements. Also knowing these rules will help eliminate costly mistakes and speed up your lead time on various jobs.
First and foremost is that there are many different types of bronze. Generally they are designated by a copper alloy number. The copper alloy number is usually preceded by a “C” or “CA”, as in C93200 or CA93200. The “CA” stands for copper alloy number, the number is designated by the Copper Development Association. Bronze can also be referred to by different trade names such as Wear rite 411. There are corresponding CA numbers that are equivalent to these trade names.

The second thing you should know when ordering bronze bar is that many of the types of bronze are cast slightly over sized. These sizes are listed by their nominal size. These types of bronze are made to be able to finish to their nominal size. For example if you are ordering a piece with a 4” outside diameter, the actual piece will be slightly oversized in order to finish to the 4 inch nominal size.

The final tip when ordering bronze is about how bronze tubing is listed. When ordering bronze tubing the inner diameter (ID) is listed before the outside diameter (OD). Many other metals are listed opposite of this with the OD first and either the wall thickness or ID second. Understanding these basic rules will help you with your future bronze ordering requirements. For any other questions feel free to contact any of our knowledgeable Sale Engineers at 800-875-3558 or by email at

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