Product Spotlight: Bronze Lead Screw Nut

Bronze Lead Screw Nut

Materials: C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze

Processes: Milling, Tapping

Industry: Industrial Machinery


This bronze lead screw nut is machined from SAE 660 C93200 Bearing Bronze bar stock. This lead screw nut has an acme thread. Acme threads in lead screws are generally stronger than square threads due to their trapezoidal thread profile which provides greater load bearing capacity. The 29 degree angle on the acme thread is easier to machine than square threaded parts, which can save valuable machining time and cost.

This bronze lead screw nut is used in the functionality of a lead screw. Sometimes called translation screws for their ability to translate rotary motion into linear motion. These devices are used in a variety of industrial machinery.

Bronze Lead Screw Nut

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