Product Spotlight: Bearing Block



Materials: C95400 Aluminum Bronze ASTM B505, Graphite Solid Lubricant Plugs

Processes: Milling, Plugging

Industry: Aerospace


This aluminum bronze bearing block has graphite solid lubricant plugs to give the component the added benefit of self-lubrication.  The graphite plugs cover 40% of the bearing surface, for added coverage (industry standard is 30% coverage). To learn more about calculating graphite plug coverage read our previous blog:

How to Calculate Graphite Plug Size

The bronze bearing block is used as a wear component in aerospace tooling.  C95400 Aluminum Bronzed is often used for wear or bearing blocks in tooling for equipment in a wide variety of industries.  The wear characteristics of C95400 Aluminum Bronze give the bearing block a longer life.




The graphite plugs reduce the need for regular lubrication and/or lubricant delivery systems.  An added advantage of graphite plugs in wear components is the ability to eliminate grooving previously needed for lubrication dispersal. For more information on wear component and/or graphite plug products, follow the links below.

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