New Large Diameter C95400 Aluminum Bronze Cored Bar Available Online

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Cored Bar

We’ve added some new larger diameter C954 Aluminum Bronze cored bar sizes on our ecommerce website

Customers have been asking for these larger diameter Aluminum Bronze sizes and finally they are all available for purchase online. C95400 Aluminum Bronze is a great alloy for medium to heavy load bearing applications.  It is also great for application with exposure to sea water.

C954 Large Diameter

These large diameter C954 Aluminum Bronze meet the following specifications:


QQ-C-390 B Type III

MIL-B-16033 Comp. 3

Combined with our LTL Freight shipping option on you can order your large diameter bar stock completely online 24/7.

Large diameter C95400 Aluminum Bronze can be found on 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the link below:

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Cored Bar Online

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