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What Type of Bronze to Use for Wear Plates?


This is a common questions we get here at National Bronze Mfg.  Many Product Engineers are faced with the design decision on what bronze alloy to use as the base material of their products wear plates. With literally hundreds of different bronze alloys available, this can be a daunting task.  This article will hopefully guide you in the right direction when choosing the bronze alloy for your wear plate design.

Bronze alloys have been used for a number of years in wear plate applications.  Generally the materials used for the construction of many types of equipment make horrible wear surfaces.  The use of bronze alloys for wear plates act as an excellent bearing surface between moving components.  By utilizing a bronze wear plate as a sacrificial component, companies can drastically cut maintenance costs and downtime.

Bronze Wear Plates


While the bearing bronze alloys see frequent use in various bushing applications, a majority of our wear plates are machined from aluminum bronze plate stock.  Aluminum bronze alloys have excellent wear properties combined with a low coefficient of friction. Use of aluminum bronze wear plates against dissimilar base materials has shown to prevent galling and the transfer of material from one component to another.

When designing aluminum bronze wear plates, availability and cost of the alloy should be an important consideration. For these reasons a majority of the aluminum bronze wear plates we manufacture are from C95400 aluminum bronze.  This continuous cast alloy is widely available in a number of sizes and shapes.  It is manufactured in large volumes and available from stock.  The continuous cast process gives the alloy a uniform fine grain structure, enhancing its mechanical properties.


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