5 Advantages of Continuous Cast Bronze

When speaking of cast bronze products, there are numerous methods of casting currently in use.  These are sand casting, centrifugal casting, and continuous casting.  This post will look at continuous casting and outline the benefits of this process.

The superior qualities of continuous casting are achieved by feeding molten metal through a furnace to an inert cast protected casting furnace.  Any dirt, dross, or gasses present rise to the top of the melt and are left behind in the casting process.  Shrink at the water cooled graphite die is prevented by continuous feeding of molten metal.  With precise temperature control, the rollers withdraw the cast bronze at a carefully controlled rate.  This determines the grain structure and metallurgical properties. The continuous casting process prevents shrinkage cavities, porosity, or dirt that would otherwise introduce imperfections into the metal.  This sophisticated and tightly controlled process yields a bronze bar, tube, or plate with the following advantages.

1. Continuous Cast Bronze Bar has improved mechanical properties.  This means a product with a longer life and a greater ability to handle loads.


2. Continuous Casting delivers a bronze bar with a uniform structure that also eliminates hard spots.  This yields a bronze bar with far superior machinability.

bronze machining

 3. The ability to continuous cast long lengths of bronze bars and tubes eliminates costly waste stock caused by size limitations in other methods of casting.


Continuous Cast Bronze Tubes

4. Fast cooling at the continuous casting dies prevents lead segregation in high lead bronze alloys.

 Continuous Cast Bronze

 5. Virtually any shape that can be extruded can be continuous cast.  By casting a special shape that is closer to the net shape of the finished product you can eliminate unnecessary machining and lower scrap loss.  Resulting in significant cost savings. 

cast bronze shapes

Here at National Bronze Mfg. we offer a majority of our cast alloys as continuous cast.  We maintain one of the largest inventories in the country of continuous cast bronze.  This allows us to offer continuous cast bronze at a lower cost and faster turnaround times than much of our competition.  Below are links to the various continuous cast bronze alloy pages on our website.  Feel free to learn more about the various continuous cast bronze alloys.  Also contact us for any additional questions or to receive a quotation for your continuous cast bronze needs.

C93200 SAE 660 Bronze

C95400 Aluminum Bronze

C95900 Aluminum Bronze

C95510 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

C90300 Navy G Tin Bronze

C90500 SAE 62 Tin Bronze

C90700 SAE 65 Tin Bronze

C86300 SAE 430B Manganese Bronze

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