Application Spotlight: Bronze Pump Bearings

bronze pump bearing

Bronze Bearings have been used for years in many critical pumping applications.  These applications include:

  • Cooling Water Pumps
  • River Abstraction Pumps
  • Service Water Pumps
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Potable Water Pumps

Bronze Bearings are ideal for wet applications due to their versatility. This versatility comes with the ability to adjust the Bronze Alloy to fit the specific needs of each individual application. Let’s take a look at how this flexibility solves a couple of wet application’s specific needs.

vertical turbine

Vertical Turbine Pumps are rugged heavy duty pumps designed to operate in a multitude of water sources from wells to oceans.  These pumps are used in a variety of industries from Oil and Gas Production to Agriculture Irrigation.  Bronze Bearings are used in a number of critical components, one such being the Vertical Turbine Pump Lineshaft Bearings.  The lineshaft bearings protect the pumps lineshaft and ensure stable operation.  At times these bearings may be required to operate during a dry start up when there is a temporary suspension of water flow.  Bronze Alloy C93200 has the addition of Lead to the alloy composition.  The lead acts as a natural internal lubricant allowing operation under dry conditions for short periods of time.

turbine exploded

While C932 Bronze Bearings are ideal for those types of applications, C95400 Aluminum Bronze excels in applications requiring resistance to salt water.  The natural anti corrosive properties of C954 Bronze Bearings are often utilized in sea water.  Other Bronze Alloys have specific resistance to various chemicals which make them ideal for use in pumps exposed to these conditions.

bronze bearings

Bronze Bearings can help you achieve you pump bearing needs in a variety of conditions.  Learn more about the various bronze alloys from the links below.  Follow the contact us link to have a sales engineer look at you specific application.

Bronze Alloys

Cast Bronze Bearings

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