The New “Bushing Finder”: A Whole New Way to Purchase Bushings Online


With a growing variety of both cast bronze and oil impregnated bronze bushings now available for purchase online at, we have been developing a way to help save our customers time when looking for the bushing they need.

Today, with that in mind, we are launching the new “Bushing Finder”, an advanced search tool for  The Bushing Finder enables visitors to quickly find the exact bushing they need. By using drop down menus to filter the entire product range, the Bushing Finder walks you through the steps to drill down to the part you need.  The 9 dropdown steps use type of material, bushing style, and specific dimensions to find your part.

Follow the finder through the steps to display the exact bushing on the screen below, or click “Find” anytime during your search process to see all available bushings that meet your criteria.  The Bushing Finder filters through over 1800 different in stock bronze bushings.   Find the bushing you need and easily add it to your cart for quick and easy purchasing.

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