Metric Bronze Bushings – A Brief Overview

Metric Sleeve Bushing

Often we get requests for bronze sleeve bearings in metric sizes.  There seems to be some confusion on what is standard and what is not.  As well as to the reasoning behind our various stocking programs.

For years cast bronze sleeve bushings have been stocked in standard inch sizes.  These standard sizes were well known throughout the industry.  Various parts were designed to use the industry standards.  There were a number of advantages to this, the main two being lower costs and availability of replacement parts.

As the industry became more and more globally integrated, the need for metric standard size bushings grew.  Just like here in the US, manufacturers overseas developed parts based around the metric system.  As we began using these machines and assemblies from overseas there grew a demand for metric standard bronze bushings to be stocked by US based distributors.  To meet this demand we offer a number of solutions.

We stock metric standard sizes in our oil impregnated bronze bushing line.  This type of product is generally requested by our customers in a short lead time.  Our stocked items usually can be shipped the same day.
Our cast bronze metric sleeves are manufactured by request.  The lead time on this product type is usually 2-3 weeks.  If there is an ongoing need for multiple releases of these standards, we will work out various stocking programs.

For our suspension bushing product line, we stock a full line of metric sizes.  These suspension bushings are manufactured our of cast bronze and are standard parts throughout the Heavy Duty Truck Industry.

As with all of our products, it is best to contact one of our experienced sales engineers.  Describe to them your project and major concerns, and we can work our custom solutions to best benefit you.

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