Another Great MFGDay at National Bronze Mfg.

National Bronze Mfg was happy to welcome students from Chippewa Valley High School for this years MFGDay.  Students were taught about the 106 year history of National Bronze Mfg. They learned the many uses of bronze today as well as what makes bronze a metal that has been so critical over hundreds of years.


The students were given a guided plant tour, describing the various processes that bronze bar stock goes through to become a finished part.  They were able to experience the state of the art CNC machinery that National Bronze Mfg. uses to manufacture millions of bronze parts every year.  The tour highlighted the advancements that National Bronze Mfg. has made over the years to deliver its customers with precision machined parts and metal daily.


The High School students were given the opportunity to ask questions about the processes and machinery National Bronze Mfg. Co. uses to remain a successful manufacturer for over 100 years.  They were also given insight into what skills and traits manufacturing companies are looking for in future employees.


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