Manganese Bronze Performs Where Other Alloys Fail

If your application demands a bearing material able to withstand heavy loads, C86300 Manganese Bronze may be your alloy of choice.  Also known as SAE430B, or just 430B for short, C863 is tough and corrosion resistant. This alloy is ideal for low speed applications that require outstanding wear characteristics.  Keep in mind that this alloy requires reliable lubrication and is not heat-treatable.

Manganese Bronze

Manganese Bronze is made up of a Copper and Zinc blend, which technically makes it a brass.  The Manganese is added for strength and rust resistance.  While C86300 is called Manganese Bronze, there is very little Manganese in its composition – generally between 2.5% and 5%.  Even with that small of a percentage, the addition of Manganese yields outstanding results.  C863 boasts a tensile strength of 110 ksi and yield strength of 62 ksi, making this alloy ideal for high-strength bushings, large valve stems, gears, and wear rings. Manganese Bronze is utilized in a number of industries including Earth Moving Equipment, Wood Pulp Processing Equipment, Steel Mill Equipment, and Marine Applications.

Heavy DutyManganese Bronze Bushings


National Bronze Mfg. Co. offers raw bar stock in various shapes, as well as complete machined parts manufactured from Manganese Bronze.  Take a look below at the C86300 Specification Chart.  If you think this alloy is ideal for your application, Click Here to receive a detailed quotation from one of our experienced Sales Engineers.

C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Page

C86300 Manganese Bronze

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