Aluminum Bronze – Variations, Designations, and Applications

Aluminum Bronze is a broad term for a group of bronze alloys known for their superior combination of mechanical and chemical properties.  Aluminum Bronzes are generally used when standard bearing grade bronze will not withstand specific conditions.  Over the years many aluminum bronze alloys have been given different names, varying from official organization specifications to trademarked brand names from private companies.  In this article I will highlight a few of the most common alloys, list their various names, and describe their ideal applications.

C954 Aluminum Bronze

954 Aluminum Bronze
C954 Aluminum Bronze

This is by far our most often requested alloy of the family.  Aluminum bronze alloy 954 is available in tubing, solid round, and flat bar.  Often referred to as  Wearite 411, and 9C this alloys official designation is CA95400.  C954 Aluminum Bronze is generally continuous cast.  When size requirements exceed the standard continuous cast sizes, centrifugal casting is utilized to manufacture customer specific requirements.  Applications that require C954 Aluminum Bronze include mechanical press bushings, wear plates, and other heavy load applications.


C959 Aluminum Bronze

C959 Aluminum Bronze
959 Aluminum Bronze


C959 Aluminum Bronze is another aluminum bronze alloy that we receive a large amount of requests for quotation.  C959 is available in solid round and flat bar.  Common trade names for C959 are  Wearite 413.  The official copper alloy designation is CA95900.  This alloy is often used the die industry in various press components.

These two aluminum bronze alloys are our most popular of the alloy family.  We also supply many customers with other aluminum bronze alloys specific to their application.  To find out what alloy is best for your application, click the link below.

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