Product Spotlight: Square Trolley Bushing

Square bronze bushing

Materials: C95400 Aluminum Bronze ASTM B505

Processes: Milling, Boring

Industry: Material Handling Equipment


This square bushing is machined from C95400 continuous cast aluminum bronze.  This bushing is unique in the fact that the outside shape of the bushing is square while the inner diameter is round.  A majority of the bushing products we manufacture are cylindrical in shape with both an inner and outer diameter.  The square outside of this product requires that it be machined on one of our machining centers instead of one of our automatic lathes like most of our bushings.

The square bushings is used in material handling equipment for an automotive supplier of molded and thermoplastic parts. Many of these components move from station to station by being suspended from and overhead trolley.  The square bronze bushing assists in the functionality of this equipment.  Aluminum bronze is an excellent choice of bronze alloy for bearings requiring medium to heavy loads.  Additional lubrication is required with this alloy.


C95400 Square Stock


Bronze Wear Plates

C95400 Aluminum Bronze


Square Bronze Bushings


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