Self Lube Bushings – What are the options

As a leading manufacturer of bronze sleeve bushings, we often receive requests for a variety of product types.  A common product request is for self lube bushings.  This term can reference a number of different products.  This article should help you better define your request.

Oil Impregnated Bushings
Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushing

The term “Self Lube Bushings” is a broad term for various self-lubricating products.  In a general sense it refers to a bronze bushing that does not require manual lubrication. There are several methods used to achieve this characteristic, below are the 2 most common.

Oil Impregnation- These are bronze bushing manufactured through the powdered metallurgy process.  In the final stages the bushings are impregnated with oil.  These products are also referred to as sintered bushings or by a designation of SAE 841.

Self Lube Bushing
Self Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushing

Plug Graphite Bushings – This product is a cast bronze bushing that has been milled and plugged with graphite plugs.  The graphite acts as the lubrication. These are used in applications were the properties of the oil impregnated bushing would not suffice.  Examples of these are high temperature applications or applications with a heavy load bearing requirement.

As you can see these are two completely different product types. From the way they are manufactured to their appropriate uses.  Yet many times they are referred to by the same name.  If you are not sure what product type fits your specific application, contact our sales department via the link below.

Click here to go over your project with one of our sales engineers and they can suggest the best product type for your application. 



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