Product Spotlight: SAE 863 Sintered Iron-Copper Bearing

sae 863 bearing



Material:  SAE 863 Iron-Copper Sintered Powdered Metal ASTM B439 Grade 4

P/M Processes: Mixing, Compacting, Sintering, Sizing, Oil Impregnating

Machining Processes: Turning


Overview: This powdered metal bearing is manufactured as a blank via the P/M process and then finished machined in a secondary process.  The Iron-Copper powdered metal complies with the SAE standard 863 powdered metal, as well as the ASTM standard B439 Grade 4.  This base metal is a good economical choice for heavier loaded slower moving applications.  SAE 863 is often used in agriculture equipment, heavy duty machinery, and earth moving equipment.

SAE 863 Bushing

The SAE 863 bearing offers the added benefit of self-lubrication due to the oil impregnating during the final stage of the P/M process.  Often times many P/M bearings must include secondary machining due to limitations associated with the P/M process.  For more information on powdered metal bearings and SAE 863 Sintered Iron-Copper follow the links below.

P/M Process

P/M Design

P/M Styles and Applications

SAE 863 Sintered Iron-Copper Bearings


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