Bring on the Wear Plates

Bronze Wear Plate Machining


Our newest CNC machining center is up and running ready for some serious bronze wear plate manufacturing.  If you haven’t heard about our newest addition to our production machining department read all about it here:

Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturer’s Investment in State-Of-The-Art Machining Center Improves More Than Just Capacity

As of this morning this new piece of advanced machining technology is installed and ready for action.  With the addition of this machining center we are able to stay ahead of the growing demand from our customers for wear plates and liners, both grooved and graphite plugged.  This machining center also adds even great capability to our machining department which in turn will allow us to handle larger wear plates and shorten our lead times due to the possible multiple configurations that this machine can offer.  We are really excited to be able to offer our customers these benefits that this addition has given us.

Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturing


Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturing


Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturing


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