It’s a Dirty Business, But Someone’s Got to Do It. Bronze Bushings and Other Machined Components for Waste and Refuse Equipment.

waste and refuse bronze components


Everyday Americans throw away enough garbage to fill 63,000 garbage trucks.  Which if lined up end to end for an entire year would stretch halfway to the moon.  For this reason and many others we depend on reliable waste and refuse trucks greatly as a nation.  Bronze machined parts play a integral part in the functionality of these trucks in various components.  One that we will look at today is the Hydraulic Cylinders.


Hydraulic Cylinders are the most expensive components to maintain on a collection unit.  It is imperative that all components that make up the hydraulic cylinder be of the highest quality to protect the investment of the cylinder.  Here at National Bronze Mfg. Co. we provide many hydraulic cylinder manufacturers with the essential bronze machined components to ensure the highest quality end product.




Waste and Refuse Trucks also use “Rod Type” cylinders, both single and double acting. Bronze packing nuts and rod eye bushings are used extensively in these types of cylinders.  Below are images of common waste and refuse equipment highlighting the hydraulic cylinders and their functions.

waste and refuse hydraulic cylinders bronze


waste and refuse hydraulic cylinders bronze

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