Decrease Costs and Lead Times With Semi/Pre Machined Bronze Blanks

Semi Machined Bronze Die Blank

For most US Manufacturers cost effectiveness and high productivity are among their primary goals.  Here at National Bronze Mfg. we have developed many programs to achieve these goals and are tailored to our customer’s specific needs.  We can often find a solution that allows more efficient manufacturing at lower productions costs.  The end result is a customer that is both more competitive and profitable.

Pre Machined Bronze Blank

Many of our programs eliminate manufacturing steps, lowering your costs considerably.  We are able to offer this due to the structure of our business. We are both a metal service center specializing in copper based alloys, as well as one of the most experience production machine shops for many of the alloys.  This diversification gives us both the capacity and ability to offer value added products that other metal service centers cannot.

Our production machine shop is comprised of state of the art machining equipment.  Along with experienced operators who can utilize our machines to the maximum of their capabilities.  The types of programs that save our customers are machined blanks, production sawing, and other semi machined types of products.

When you take advantage of our value added products you’ll gain the upper hand on competitors by increasing your efficiency and reducing your production time.  Many of our customers who have been previously purchasing rough bar stock now enjoy a more efficient process that allows them to move their business ahead of their competition.

Pre Machined or Semi Machined products from National Bronze Mfg. Co. are flat, round, or cored bar stock that are turned, ground, and/or milled to a tight tolerance.  Using a Pre Machined Bronze Blank from National Bronze Mfg. allows a CNC Machinist to get right to the final machining.


Graphite Plugged BlanksGraphite Plugged Blanks


We also offer rough machined and plugged blanks.  These parts are plugged with graphite solid lubricant inserts.  We specialize in this type of product and are able to efficiently manufacture both blanks and fully machined components.  Many machine shops do not have this type of experience and cannot efficiently manufacture these parts.  By allowing National Bronze Mfg. to do the initial machining and plugging, many of our customers have been able to now offer these types of products without the need for years of experience.  The pre machined and plug blanks allow a machinist to quickly complete the final machining.

These Pre or Semi Machined parts open up new possibilities to simplify production and cut production costs.  By only using the very best of modern machining equipment we are able to produce bronze blanks with close tolerances combined with a high and stable level of quality.

Bronze Bar Stock

To find out how you can join our many current customers who have used our blanks as a short cut to more cost effective production, follow the links below.


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