Product Spotlight: Bronze Wear Pad for Industrial Machinery

Material: C95400 Aluminum Bronze

Processes: Machining, Milling

Bronze Wear Pad

Used as an integral component for industrial machinery.  This concave shaped wear plate is machined from continuously cast C95400 Aluminum Bronze.  The plate starts as rectangular bar stock that is cut to length.  The machining of the concave shape, grease groove, drill & mounting holes is completed on our Vertical Machining Center.  The drill hole on the face of the plate is used for dispersion of lubricant once the wear plate is assembled into the machinery.  The back of these bronze wear pads have threaded mounting holes for securing the plate to the machine at assembly.  

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Rectangle

C95400 Aluminum Bronze is an excellent material choice for wear plate or wear pads. This bronze alloy has excellent wear characteristics along with being a harder material than standard C93200 bearing bronze. The Aluminum in this Aluminum Bronze alloys also gives this material anti corrosion properties for uses in various environments.

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