Product Spotlight: Bronze Slide Bearing Plates for Pipeline Support Systems




Slide Bearing Plate

Material: C86300 Manganese Bronze with Graphite Plugs

Processes: Machining, Drilling, Plugging

Bronze Slide Bearing Plates are used for numerous pipeline support systems in applications ranging from Oil & Gas to Industrial systems. Ideal applications are heavy load bearing systems with low velocity of movement. The C863 Manganese Bronze and solid lubricant graphite plugs allow use in environments with temperatures up to 500 ° ꓝ. Key features to these bearing pads are the raised graphite plugs and the rounded corners for easy installation. With coefficient of friction around 0.12 to 0.15, this bearing plate is a great addition to pipeline support systems.

Slide Bearing Pad

The plate begins as continuous cast C86300 Manganese Bronze plate stock, which we stock as a standard off the shelf alloy here at National Bronze Mfg. The plate is machined and holes are milled into the surface. Solid lubricant graphite plugs are then pressed into the holes and then a final pass is made across the top of them to ensure an even height across all plugs.

Manganese Bronze slide bearing plate

C86300 Manganese Bronze

Bronze Wear Plates

Graphite Plugged Bronze Products

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