Aluminum Bronze Alloys for Die Applications


forming rolls Aluminum Bronze

There are many attributes of Aluminum Bronze Alloys that make them ideal for die applications. These include superior corrosion and wear resistance, as well as the non-galling property when against many wrought materials. For years aluminum bronze alloys have been used as dies for forming and drawing operations for sheet and plate alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium, mild steel and some copper based alloys.

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Aluminum Bronze Alloys C95400 and C95900 are often used for many standard die applications. However under heavy use in die operations, these standard alloys wear undesirably fast. As a result close dimensional tolerance cannot be maintained because of the wear to the die surface. For these applications we offer a special alloy specifically engineered for drawing, forming, or bending die services.

deep drawing press aluminum bronze

National Die Bronze is an aluminum bronze alloy with low frictional qualities as well as being non galling and non loading. Use of aluminum bronze die alloy results in excellent product appearance at fast production rates, with no additional finishing costs.

This is accomplished by the addition of small amounts of cobalt and manganese to the alloy. The addition of the cobalt and manganese for the use in die materials greatly improves the toughness and wear resistance of the alloy.

forming rolls aluminum bronze

National Die Bronze is used in forming rolls and wiping blocks. As well as deep drawing dies, hold down dies, wear guides, skids, and slide. Superior resistance to wear and capacity for high heat transfer extend die life and cut downtime. Blank scrap is reduced, with less wrinkling and tearing. National Die blanks are recommended for long production runs and tough services. The material has been successfully applied wherever heavy and deep drawing is involved in mass production.

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