C95900 Aluminum Bronze Wear Plates & Blocks

C959 Wear Plates

C95900 Aluminum Bronze is a special aluminum bronze alloy as it contains more than 10% aluminum in the alloy.  With between 12 – 13.5% aluminum content C95900 provides a very high strength product with hardness around 286 BHN or Rockwell 29C.  C959 is used in applications with heavier loads under abrasive conditions where no impact is present. 

C95900 Wearplate


Products include inserts, wiping blocks, cam followers, wear plates, and gibs.  Applications where abrasion is present. The high amount of aluminum increase the strength and hardness of this product but also makes this metal more brittle.  For this reason C95900 should be used in applications where impact is not present.

C959 Aluminum Bronze Wear Plates

Here at National Bronze Mfg. Co. we supply both C95900 Aluminum Bronze Bar Stock as well as fully machined components. 

C95900 Aluminum Bronze

Wear Plates

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