Product Spotlight: Bronze Bearing Plate for Bridge Expansion Bearings

Bronze Bridge Bearing Plate

Material: C86300 Manganese Bronze ASTM B22
Processes: Machining, Milling, Plugging
Industry: Bridge Construction

Bridge bearings are structural equipment installed between the substructure and superstructure of the bridge in order to transfer the applied load. Bridge bearings also make room for relative movements between those structures. Movements can be rotational and translational and in horizontal and transverse directions. These bearings allow controlled movement and reduce the stresses involved in that movement.

C86300 Manganese Bronze to ASTM B22 specification is used for its ability to withstand heavy load with very slow movement. C863 bronze offers a very high tensile strength of 110 ksi as well as a high yield strength of 62 ksi. This alloy also exhibits good resistance to corrosion.
The bronze bearing plates are drilled and plugged with solid lubricant graphite plugs. The plugs cover 30 percent of the total surface area and are arranged in a geometric pattern with overlapping rows in the direct of movement. These bearing plates are have four countersunk mounting holes and a center hole for use in installation and operation when the entire bearing is assembled.

Bronze Plate Graphite Plugged

The graphite plugs in this bearing plate allows the bearing to be maintenance free. There is no need for any supplementary lubrication over the life of the bearing. This is an important factor when dealing with structures like bridges. Maintenance of the bearing would be very costly and disruptive. The graphite plugged bearing plate is a perfect solution for this unique issue.

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