Introducing Toughmet® Spinodal Nickel Tin Bronze

National Bronze Mfg. Co. is proud to introduce a new family of copper alloy products to their already diverse product line.  Effective immediately National Bronze Mfg. has become an authorized reseller of Toughmet®.  Toughmet® is a spinodally hardened Nickel Tin Bronze Alloy manufactured exclusively by Materion.  This propriety alloy has many unique features that make

Bronze Tube Tolerances

Continuous cast bronze tube is cast or manufactured with additional stock on both the ID (inner diameter) and OD (outer diameter) in order to finish to the stated nominal size.  The nominal size is the listed ID & OD size.  For example if you were to order a piece of bronze tube stock with a

Self-Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Sleeve Bushings Now Available Online

  In response to the growing demand for the graphite plugged bushing product line, we are happy to announce that the entire line of standard size graphite plugged sleeve bushings are available for purchase online at  Hundreds of industry standard size sleeve bushings are listed in both inch and metric standard sizes.  These products

Product Spotlight: Bearing Block

  Materials: C95400 Aluminum Bronze ASTM B505, Graphite Solid Lubricant Plugs Processes: Milling, Plugging Industry: Aerospace   This aluminum bronze bearing block has graphite solid lubricant plugs to give the component the added benefit of self-lubrication.  The graphite plugs cover 40% of the bearing surface, for added coverage (industry standard is 30% coverage). To learn