Product Spotlight: Die Casting Machine Slide Guide Bushings

Bronze Guide Bushing


Base Alloy: C95400 Aluminum Bronze


Processes: Turning, Boring, Grooving




Die casting is a metal casting technology with a very similar process to injection molding.  The die casting process tends to be limited to higher volume production due to the large capital cost required.  Bronze bushings can be utilized in this type of machinery to assist various pins and shafts that must move freely to operate.


This slide guide bushings is machined from C95400 Aluminum Bronze. C95400 is an excellent higher strength bearing alloy that is still softer than most steels.  This difference in material hardness allows the bushing to act as the bearing surface.  Grooves have been machined onto the inner diameter of this part to assist in lubrication dispersal.

die casting bushings

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