Bronze Plate- Sizes, Shapes, and Alloys

Bronze Plate

Bronze Plate is used in a wide range of applications. From wear liners supporting massive extrusion presses to decorative seats for park benches, bronze plates are found in a variety of places. Here at National Bronze Mfg. we consider ourselves the bronze plate experts. We stock bronze plate in a number of alloys and sizes.

C959 Aluminum Bronze Plate

These sizes are standard amongst the industry, but what if your bronze plate requirement doesn’t fall within these standard plate sizes? This is where the expertise of National Bronze Mfg. comes in. We are equipped with numerous types of plate saws both band and circular. With these powerful machines and our crew of highly trained employees, National Bronze Mfg. can cut bronze plate to the exact sizes that you require. This reduces both machine time and scrap loss and helps you remain profitable and competitive.

National Bronze Mfg. has the ability to have custom sized bronze plate cast directly from our mill. Our long relationship with the nations top bronze mills give us the sources and knowledge to cast almost any shape or size in almost any alloys.

bronze wear plate

National Bronze Mfg. also offers a number of other valuable solutions when it comes to bronze plate. Being a full production machine shop as well as a leading metal service center we can fully machine your plates to custom prints. We are the experts and machining bronze, many of our customers have found that our experience enables us to produce a finished wear plate or component at a lower cost then they can do it in house. This is what we like to refer to as domestic outsourcing of bronze components. With over 100 years of expertise in manufacturing bronze you can rest assured that your part will be of the highest quality. All of our manufacturing is done here in Michigan and our turn around times are amongst the best in the industry.

graphite plugged wear strips


Follow the links below to learn more about the various forms of bronze wear plate that we offer here at National Bronze Mfg. Co.

Bronze Wear Plates
C93200 SAE 660 Bronze Plate
C93700 SAE 64 Bronze Plate
C95400 Aluminum Bronze Plate
C95900 Aluminum Bronze Plate
C86300 Manganese Bronze Plate
C46400 Naval Brass Plate
C61400 Aluminum Bronze Plate
Graphite Plugged Bronze Wear Plates

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