Bronze Bearings for Nuclear Power Applications


nuclear power bronze bearings

Bronze  bearings are used in a variety of nuclear  applications subject to medium-to-heavy loads and slow-to-medium speeds.  Often these bearings will utilize a solid lubricant based self lubricating system to provide maximum bearing life and maintenance-free operation. Bronze bearings can be designed to minimize stresses resulting from differential thermal expansion and seismic activity, and have the capacity to resist high temperatures and exposure to irradiation.

nuclear power bronze bearings



C86300 Manganese Bronze

C95400 Aluminum Bronze

C95510 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

C93200 Bearing Bronze

A wide selection of bronze alloys are available for nuclear applications.  Manganese bronzes are used extensively, especially where toughness and  shock resistance are desirable. Aluminum bronzes offer excellent wear and  corrosion resistance. Tin and leaded tin bronzes provide good embedability  and tolerate some misalignment, but are generally limited to low and moderate bearing loads and temperatures.

Nuclear Power Bronze Bearings


Proper selection of a suitable alloy depends on a variety of factors, which include bearing load, velocity, type of movement, temperature, environment, shear strength, fatigue strength, deformability, compatibility, hardness differential, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and cost. These factors should be evaluated in conjunction with the other bearing components to insure long bearing life and trouble-free operation.



Graphite Plugged Bronze BearingsCast Bronze Bearings

Oversized Bronze Bearings


nuclear power bronze bearings

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