8 Tips for Machining Sintered Bronze Bar Stock

SAE 841 Bar Stock

Oil impregnated Bronze Bearings are manufactured through the powdered metallurgy process.  This process is particularly beneficial for large lot sizes.  For small quantity requirements we offer Oil Impregnated Sintered Bronze Bar Stock.  This bar stock is a P/M product and is already impregnated with oil.  Sintered Bronze Bar Stock is generally available in 6-1/2” lengths and is made to be machined. Oil impregnated bronze bar stock has stock on the ID and OD to permit machining to the nominal dimension desired


Below are 8 tips to make machining Sintered Bronze Bar Stock even easier:

Tungsten Carbide tools are recommended because they retain a sharp cutting edge much longer.


Speeds and Feeds for Sintered Bronze Bar Stock are generally slower than cast C93200 Bearing Bronze. More comparable to C95400 Aluminum Bronze or a mild steel.
Oil Impregnated Bronze Bar Stock


It is very important to have the cutting surface highly polished to prevent adhesion of metal to the cutting tip.


Sintered Bronze Bar Stock may be reamed without destroying porosity as long as a dead sharp cutting tool is used.


High Speed Steel may be used in drilling with an approximated surface speed of 70 sfm, However 200 sfm can be used with drills having carbide tipped cutting edges.
high speed steel



Coolants are usually necessary for machining sintered bronze bar stock.  Because the oil is already present in the pores it is not recommended to use water or cutting oil because they mix with the parts original oil content.  It is recommended to use the same grade oil originally impregnated into the part. (SAE 30 non-detergent highly refined mineral oil)




Lapping compounds are not recommended due to the difficulty of later removing abrasive materials from the pores.


Re-impregnation is recommending after machining.  The bearings should be soaked in a bath of hot oil for 1 hour for thorough impregnation.

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National Bronze Mfg. offers Sintered Bronze Products in a variety of forms.  From higher volumes production quantities, to industry standard size bearings that we stock, or even the semi-finished bar stock, we have your solution. We inventory these industry standard size parts and bar stock to offer you the advantage of volume production without buying in any quantity larger than your immediate need.   Follow the links below for more information on our various sintered bronze products.


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PS.  If you don’t have the capability of machining the bar stock,  submit your request through our RFQ page and we will quote you a customized quotation.

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841 bar stock

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