What is ASTM B22 Bronze?

While many of the ASTM specifications for cast bronze alloys can refer to the method of manufacture, ASTM B22 is slightly different. ASTM B22 covers bronze alloys used for turntables, movable bridges, and bridge parts. The alloys included in this specification include C86300, C90500, C91100, C91300, and C93700. While the specification does not dictate the method of manufacture, it does specify certain testing procedures for the various alloys. Castings made from UNS C86300 should be subjected to Brinell hardness, tension, and compression tests. Those made from C91100 and C91300 should be subjected to compression testing. C90500 castings should undergo tension testing.

Bronze Bridge Bearing

These bronze alloys are suitable for fixed or expansion bearings in which motion is slow or intermittent. Many of the ASTM B22 Bronze Bridge Bearings are self-lubricated with trepanned style graphite plugs. These bearings can be flat or arc shaped.

Bronze Bridge Bearing

Here at National Bronze Mfg. we supply C86300, C91100, C90500, and C93700. All of these alloys would fall under the ASTM B22 specification. We can also provide many of the ASTM B22 Bronze Bridge Plates completely machined from our Machined Parts Division.

Slide Bearing Plate

For more information on the ASTM B22 Bronze alloys or Bridge Wear Plates, follow the links below:

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C90500 Tin Bronze

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C93700 SAE 64 Bronze

Bronze Wear Plates

Alloys available for purchase online:

C86300 ASTM B22 Manganese Bronze – on bravobronze.com

Available in round, cored, and plate stock.


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