SAE 863 vs. C863: What’s the Difference?

SAE 863 BronzeManganese Bronze

We often receive inquiries from customers who are confused about what type of material they need.  One area of considerable confusion is 863 material.  This is because there are 2 very different types of material referred to as 863.  These are C863 and SAE 863.

To understand the difference we must first understand where the designations come from.  The C863 is a designation from the Copper Development Association.  This referrers to a Manganese Bronze Alloy.  This tough alloy is often used in heavy load bearing applications with very slow movement.  C863 or C86300 is a cast bronze alloy, meaning it is a cast metal product.

SAE 863 is a designation from the Society of Automotive Engineers.  SAE 863 refers to a powdered metal product.  This sintered metal is an oil impregnated iron copper product.  Generally we will supply SAE863 as a finished sleeve bearings.  We also sell bar stock of SAE 863 but in shorter lengths, usually only 5” long.  This length limitation is due to the method of manufacturing for the material.  Sintered bronze products are manufactured via powder metallurgy.

The 2 types of 863 bronze are very different from each other, but are often confused.  Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion and next time you need 863 bronze, you’ll know exactly which type it is.

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