Bronze Components for the Hydraulic Industry

  Power and reliability, coupled with low operating costs make hydraulic cylinders the preferred choice for a host of mobile and industrial applications. Today hydraulic cylinders remain the most efficient method for maximizing output particularly in high pressure applications such as metal stamping and forming and heavy mobile equipment applications. Hydraulic equipment relies on the

Bronze Wear Parts for Steel Mill Equipment

Whether it’s steel for automobile tires, tubes for pipelines, aluminum for façade structures, or offshore wind power generation; the machines used in the manufacturing of metal products must ensure flawless and reliable production.  Bronze wear parts have played a crucial role in steel mill equipment for many years.  Various bronze alloys provide many of these

Bronze Components for the Mining Industry

Bronze Alloys are utilized for a wide variety of components that keep mining equipment running.  From Hydraulic Excavators, to Electric Rope Shovels, and even Draglines bronze bushings support equipment in harsh conditions.  Bronze Alloys are used to manufacture tough bushings.  Tougher bushings mean less downtime and fewer replacement cycles. National Bronze Manufacturing serves Mining Equipment

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Many people ask what it’s like to be one of the leading manufacturers of bronze products in the US.  As well as a 102 year old manufacturing company.  People tend to envision images of the dirty, grease covered shops of the past.  Well that’s not the case here at National Bronze Manufacturing.  We have come

Our Bronze is Helping Build Robocop…

Well not the actual Robocop, but a 10 foot tall bronze statue of the fictional character from the movie.  We were very proud when we recently supplied the Bronze Statue Building Company Venus Bronze Works with some C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze Bar Stock.  Venus Bronze Works confirmed that the C642 Bronze is in fact going

Product Spotlight: Hammer Case Bushing

Material: C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze Processes: Turing, Boring, Grooving This hammer case bushing is used in the operation of air impact wrenches.  The flanged end assists with securing the bushing in an aluminum housing.  This bushing has an internal grease groove for lubrication.  Air impact wrencheds are designed to deliver maximum torque without sacrificing