Porosity in Cast Bronze Bar Stock: What it is, and How to Eliminate it

Porosity in bronze may be one of the most consistent and common complaint of cast bronze users.  Porosity in cast bronze contributes directly to customers concerns about reliability and quality.  Controlling porosity depends on understanding its sources and causes.  Here at National Bronze Mfg. Co. we have developed a few techniques to help you control

Product Spotlight: Tire Carrier Bearings

  Material: C93200 Bearing Bronze Processes: Turning, Boring, Grooving Tire Carriers are aftermarket components which allow users to mount spare tires to the rear bumper of their vehicle.  The tire carrier swings open and allows the user to access the rear of the vehicle.  Bronze Bushings are used in this application because they do not

Product Spotlight: Trim Press Slide Bearing

  Material: C93200 (SAE660) Bearing Bronze Processes: Turning, Grooving, Boring Trim Preeses are used in thermoforming applications.  The trim press is used to trim thermoformed articles out of the formed web.  The slide bearing ensures continual and smooth movement of the trim press.  The slide bearing is made out of C932 Bearing Bronze with internal

Product Spotlight: Boom Heel Pin Bushings

  Material: C95400 Aluminum Bronze Processes: Turning, Boring Boom Heel Pins are critical to all types of cranes.  The boom heel pin bushing is what keeps the heel pin moving smoothly.  The heel pins on crane will experience heavy loads.  For this reason C95400 Aluminum Bronze is used for its great load bearing properties.  Cranes

Are You Ready For Lead Free 2014

January 4, 2014 – Manufacturers, Distributors, Builders, and Plumbers across the country must comply with the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, affecting all potable plumbing products sold or installed in the United States. Right or wrong, love it or hate it, the “California/Vermont issue” is now the law of the land. After January 4, 2014, when

Product Spotlight: C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing

  Material: C95400 Aluminum Bronze Processes Used: Turning, Boring, Grooving, Drilling, Tapping This Aluminum Bronze Bushing is a component in equipment used to manufacture extruded polyethylene.  This bushing has an ID Spiral Groove for lubrication dispersion,  As well as a tapped hole for zerk fitting which intersects with the ID groove.  The OD of this