Product Spotlight: Caliper Brake Actuator Bushings

Caliper Brake Actuator Bushing


Material: C93200 SAE660 Bearing Bronze

Processes: Turning, Boring, Grooving, Milling

Used with large equipment such as SAG Mill and Rock Crushers, these brakes are well suited to accomadate very high braking troque requirments in the harshest of enviroments.

Bronze Alloy C93200 is used due to its excellent bearing properties.  These bushings have a figure 8 groove on the inner diameter as well as a circular groove on the outer diameter.  A drill hole connects the two grooves and allows lubrication dispersion throughout the bushing.  The actuator bushing assists in the starting and stopping of the caliper brake’s functions.  Caliper brakes of these size are also found in many heavy duty conveyor applications.  For more information follow the links below.


Caliper Brake


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