Our Bronze is Helping Build Robocop…

Well not the actual Robocop, but a 10 foot tall bronze statue of the fictional character from the movie.  We were very proud when we recently supplied the Bronze Statue Building Company Venus Bronze Works with some C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze Bar Stock.  Venus Bronze Works confirmed that the C642 Bronze is in fact going into the construction of the Robocop Statue.


The 10 foot tall bronze statue of cyborg crime fighter Alex Murphy is coming to Detroit next summer thanks to a bunch of devoted fans and a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.  The statue is slated to be erected next summer after the remake of the film set to release in February 2014.

C642 Bronze

Silicon Bronze is often used for decorative and architectural applications.  For more info on the many bronze alloys offered by National Bronze Manufacturing follow the links below:

Bronze Alloys

C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze

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