Oil Grooves in Cast Bronze Bearings

bronze sleeve bearing oil groove


Oil grooving is an essential component in the functionality of many cast bronze bearings.  Both the oil hole and grooves introduce and distribute lubrication adequately to the bearing surface. Grooves are generally required for grease lubricated bearings since grease does not have the mobility of oil, nor does grease dissipate frictional heat being generated.

grease groove bronze bushing

Oil grooves can be machined in many different styles.  Each style is designed for optimal lubrication distribution for its unique application. Over the years many companies have developed their own names for various groove styles.  Many times we get questions from customer who have a print that may call out a groove style that originally came from a bearing manufacturer who is no longer existent.  In order to assist in clearing up some confusion we have updated our groove page with a easy to use cross reference chart listing many of the popular designations for common oil groove patterns.

Bronze Sleeve Bearing Oil Groove

Follow the link below to visit the update oil groove page:

Oil Grooves

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